House Extensions

Sooner or later, most homeowners will be faced with the decision of either moving to a new house or having a home extension built. Home additions are often perceived as costly and complex projects, but they needn't be so.

Why Investing in a House Extension Makes Sense

Home additions can represent a radical improvement to your property and quality of life.

Home extensions: Rules and regulations

Generally speaking, going for a home addition is less stressful and less time-consuming that moving homes. However, the many rules and regulations involved in home extensions can make the process seem more complex than it really is. Here are some resources to help you save time and figure out which regulations apply to you.

Do I need planning permission?

Generally speaking, home extensions do not require planning permission as long as:

Outbuildings are generally exempt from planning permission unless a property is part of a listed building or on designated land. If your home extension requires planning permission, you can file a planning application online. Please note that planning permission requirements apply to properties in Wales. To learn about planning permission requirements in Scotland, check this guide. For information of the requirements applicable to Northern Ireland, visit this link.

Do's and don'ts

Do work with qualified professionals

Extension plans must be drawn up by an architect that is registered with the Architects Registration Board. To find qualified builders and tradesmen, you can use tools provided by the Homeowners Alliance.

Do shop around

Always get as many quotes as possible, bearing in mind that the average cost of building work ranges between £1,000 and £1,600 per square metre. Don't forget that all construction work in the UK is subject to an additional 20 per cent VAT charge.

Don't forget about the Neighbour Consultation Scheme

Since May 2013 and for a period of 6 years, any single-storey extensions must range between 4 and 8 metres (detached homes) and between 3 and 6 metres (all other homes). Any work above these limits must go through the Neighbour Consultation Scheme. Homeowners must notify their local authorities.

Don't overlook building regulations

In addition to planning permission, consider whether building regulations apply to your extension project. Most conservatories and small detached buildings are exempt.