Electrical Work around the Home

From installing recessed lighting in your living room to replacing light fixtures, a range of household electrical works are carried out throughout your home. A qualified electrician can save you time when electrical jobs are needed around the house. Whether you need to change or replace electrical sockets or upgrade fuse boards and switches, an electrician can provide a wide range of services related to electrical installations and systems.

About Household Electrical Works

Doing your own electrical work might seem easy. You may think it is a good way to save money, but leaving this type of work to professionals will save money and avoid potential injury. Electricity is very dangerous and can kill. DIY jobs can often result in damaged light fittings and electrical wiring, as well as improperly installed switches and fuse boards. Bad and fault electrical work may lead to potential hazards that could dangerous and be a fire and electrical shock risk. It will cost more to fix the problem than hiring an electrician from the start of your project.

Electricians install, maintain, repair and upgrade electrical systems and equipment inside your home. They also carry out outdoor electrical work such as installing lighting outside in gardens, pools, patios, and other spaces. An electrician works on the wiring and installs components such as fuse boards, switches, sockets and other fittings. Once installed, they will test it to ensure it is working properly. Whether they are called on to undertake an emergency repair on a fault fuse box or replace sockets as part of a larger upgrade of your electrical system, the type of work carried out by an electrician will depend on your own needs.

Electrical work including installations and repairs in your home must comply with the Building Regulations in England and Wales or the Building Standards Regulations in Scotland. Using a registered electrician ensures that all work complies with applicable regulations and requirements. This prevents the need for having a building control body, such as your local authority or other approved body, inspect and certify that the electrical work is compliant and safe. An electrician is also a good idea for difficult and riskier jobs. Using an electrician will ensure your electrical work is safe and operating properly.

Finding a Qualified Electrician

Electrical work should be completed by a competent person such as a registered electrician. This will give you the peace of mind that work is being carried out in a safe and effective manner. Using a qualified electrician means that any work carried out on your electrical installations and systems will meet legal and industry standards such as requirements outlined in the Building Regulations in England and Wales or Building Standards in Scotland, the IEE Wiring Regulations and BS 7671 Requirements for Electrical Installations. You can find qualified electricians on the Electrical Competent Person Register. Reputable electrical contractors are also generally members of the Electrical Contractors Association (ECA) or another relevant trade association and follow their code of conduct related to ethics, service and quality.

In addition to confirming that your electrician is a registered competent person, you should also ask about their qualifications and request proof of any certifications. Reputable electricians will have received training recognised by a government-recognised Competent Person Scheme. For example, several training schemes are accredited by the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NICEIC). Additional certifying organisations for electrician training include the British Standards Institution (BSI), Building and Engineering Services Competence Assessment (BESCA) and Blue Flame. You should obtain three or more quotes from electricians to determine an accurate and appropriate price for the work you need. Also, check electricians' references and look at online reviews. This will help you determine the quality of their service and work.