Replacement Gas Boilers

An efficient and cost effective heating system has a significant impact on the household costs. In most homes in the UK, heating accounts for more than half of fuel bills. A gas boiler is one of the most efficient and cost-effective home and water heating solutions. Replacing an older, less efficient boiler with a new gas boiler model helps reduce your carbon footprint and lowers your heating costs.

About Gas Boilers

A gas boiler is an important component of a home's central heating system. It is used to heat up water that flows through pipes to radiators located throughout the house. Radiators are then able to provide heat for rooms and other spaces in the house. A boiler is also used to provide hot water to taps in bathrooms, kitchens and other areas. Most boilers in the UK run on gas, which is supplied through mains connected to your property. Boilers also operate using oil, LPG or tank gas, wood and cool.

Since 2005, most gas boilers installed in the UK are condensing boilers. These more efficient models feature larger heat exchangers that are better at recovering heat from burning gas. Generally, condensing boilers have a plastic flue rather than metal. Regular gas boilers provide hot water when programmed to do so. Hot water is stored in a cylinder that is generally stored in a roof or loft space. Regular boilers are generally best for larger families that use a lot of hot water. By comparison, combination or combi gas boilers provide hot water on demand. Since they do not have a hot water cylinder, a combi boiler requires less space and is ideal for smaller properties.

Benefits of Gas Boilers

Older boilers are prone to breakdowns, which may result in costly repairs. They are also less efficient. A boiler that works with mains gas is generally more affordable than other energy sources. After wood-powered boilers, a boiler supplied by gas mains also emits the lowest level of carbon dioxide when compared to other boilers. Replacing an old boiler or one powered by, for example, oil with a new and more efficient gas boiler can save energy and money. More efficient and newer models emit less carbon dioxide, making them more environmentally friendly. Since they are more efficient, newer gas boilers also save energy by minimising heat loss and waste. As a result, they can help reduce energy bills. Typically, replacing an older inefficient gas boiler with a new A-rated gas boiler can reduce heating bills by up to £300 per year.

Installing a Gas Boiler

When choosing a gas boiler installer, get quotes from various contractors. You should confirm that the installer has a local office and has been in business for several years. Also, check references and reviews of potential installers. Boilers in England and Wales should only be installed by contractors that are registered with the UK government's Competent Persons Register. In Scotland and Northern Ireland, installations should only be carried out by technicians that are registered with the Scottish and Northern Ireland Plumbing Employers' Federation (SNIPEF). Some installers may also be registered with the Heating & Hotwater Industry Council (HHIC). Gas boilers must only be installed by someone who is Gas Safe registered. It is illegal for anyone to complete gas-related works without being registered. Using installers on the Gas Safe Register will ensure that the installation will be completed by a qualified person. It also ensures that the installation complies with all safety standards and building regulations.

Certain homeowners are eligible for support when installing a gas mains-supplied boiler with the UK government's Affordable Warmth Obligation or Energy Company Obligation. To be eligible, the current boiler must be eight or more year old. You must also own your property or rent it privately. If renting, you must have the owner's permission to complete the installation. You must also be receiving the Pension Credit, Income Support, income-based Jobseeker's Allowance, income-related Employment and Support Allowance, or the Universal Credit. You may also be eligible when earning an income of £16,010 or less and you are receiving the Child Tax Credit or the Working Tax Credit.