Bathroom Fittings

A bathroom is an essential part of any home, and one of the most used spaces in your property. Choosing your bathroom fittings is one of the most important tasks when designing a new bathroom or renovating an existing one. The choice of fixtures will define the look and feel of your bathroom, as well as influence how effectively you use the space.

Designing Your Bathroom

It is important to take time to create an effective layout for your bathroom. Planning ahead will help ensure you have a bathroom layout that makes the most of your space. Designing a layout will also help you create a bathroom that is functional and practical. When designing a layout, you must also consider where each bathroom fitting will go. This includes considering the location of electrical outlets, plumbing and pipes before any decision is made about where a specific fitting will be installed.

When designing your bathroom, keep in mind how you use the space. Developing a functional layout means finding practical places to locate fittings to hang towels and toilet rolls as well as shower shelves and radiators. The layout must have enough space to meet your needs, not just space for fittings. This is particularly important when designing a bathroom that is used by someone with mobility limitations. The bathroom door should be easy to move and not knock into anything. You should have enough space to move around when removing and putting on clothes. The bathroom should also have sufficient storage and counter space. If natural light is not available, the space must also be well lit. Other considerations include deciding whether you want to separate the bathing area and the toilet with a wall to allow each space to be used independently. Dividing these places can also help create a relaxing spot for the bath area. You should also place the toilet away from the door to provide some level of privacy in case the bathroom door is left open.

Choosing a theme will help you with the design and décor of your bathroom. This will inform your choice in tiles, flooring, fixtures and paint. In addition to deciding on a colour scheme, a theme also helps you choose the style and design of your fittings. A theme will create a uniform look for your bathroom with matching and complementary fittings and decor. It will also focus your search for bathroom fittings and provide a point of reference to keep you on track when choosing fixtures.

Choosing the Right Bathroom Fittings

There are a lot of details to consider when selecting fittings for your new or remodelled bathroom. With so many choices and suppliers to choose from, finding and buying all your fittings can be daunting. Planning will make the task of finding bathroom fittings easier. Before you start buying anything, make a list of all the items you need for your bathroom. This should include large items such as bathtubs, mirrors, sinks and toilets as well as smaller items including towel racks, electrical outlet fittings and lighting. Considering your theme will also help you choose your fittings by making it easier to find items that fit within the concept.

After you have developed your list of fittings, research the items online before venturing out to a shop or talking to a supplier. Going out directly to shops or suppliers can result in you being overwhelmed when faced with too many options. You will also not be informed about the average costs of items. Doing a bit of research online will give you a realistic idea of home much fittings will cost. It will also help you establish a preliminary budget for your bathroom fittings. If you are unable to find costs of certain items, send your list to bathroom suppliers or fitters to get quotes for fittings. To further reduce costs, look out for sales. Sales can be a great way to save money of high-cost fittings on your list.