As every homeowner knows, keeping your home in good condition, making improvements and servicing your plumbing, electrics and boilers is essential to extending the life of your property. A new roof or installing uPVC doors and windows can also help you save on energy bills in the long run. Home improvements and extensions also add value to your property while giving you and your family an even better quality of life and having additional space to grow can make your home environment more enjoyable.

Why Investing in a House Extension Makes Sense

Extensions add value: strategically planned home extensions can add value to your property. A 2014 study revealed that some additions (like conservatories) can deliver returns as high as 108 per cent. Median profits ranged between £12,000 (loft addition) and £2,300 (additional bathroom). The same study concluded that the average house extension adds £30,000 (or 10 per cent) to the value of a home. But what if you are not planning on selling your home? Read More

Electrical Testing & Inspections

All electrical appliances, home electronics and electrical installations deteriorate over time and can become damaged because of wear and tear for ordinary use, ageing, corrosion, environmental conditions such as humidity, and excessive electrical loading. Damage and deterioration may result in the electrical installation or unit becoming a potential fire hazard. If not caught early, faults can also damage the electrical work. Periodic inspections help extend... Read More

Tree Surgery

Tree surgery helps maintain the UK's rich tree heritage. It also provides care and maintenance for one of the world's largest living organisms. From trimming and shaping trees to removing diseased trees to prevent property damage and injuries, a tree surgery contractor is called upon to undertake a number of tasks related to caring for trees. Their work not only keeps trees looking beautiful, it also prevents damage and disease. Read More

Tile Roofs

A roof is vital in protecting your property from the elements. They provide a layer that keeps your property dry. At the same time, they are a key feature in any home and help add to its visual appeal. Over time, roof tiles or slates need to be replaced due to wear and tear from exposure to the elements. Roofs also require regular maintenance to ensure they are able to properly protect the rest of the property from moisture.Moisture seeping... Read More